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Your wish to be a LaPont Tutor starts right here...

We are opening LaPont tutoring services in many new areas,

If you lodge your details with us and the area you live in is not listed then don’t worry we may be able to find you some work anyway.

Areas we are currently looking for tutors in:

Gold Coast



French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese

Sunshine Coast

All Languages


French, Spanish, Italian

Gold Coast

All Languages


If you live in one of the areas listed and want to be contacted to work for LaPont as a tutor please complete the form provided below.

To be a LaPont Tutor

To be a LaPont tutor you will need to be an experienced teacher or tutor and you will need to be a native speaker of the language that you teach. Under some circumstances we can accept inexperienced tutors, but you will need training and that might affect your chance of employment. Good news though – we will accept foreign qualifications once we have verified them as applicable.

You can benefit from the good name of LaPont Language Centre once you have been accepted as a LaPont tutor. So sign up today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are in a location that is not listed above you still have a chance of getting work – a tip here is; if you have friends who might want to become a LaPont tutor get them to register also and you have a much better chance of us opening your city for work.


Register your details below:

  • ➊ Your Contact Details       iThese details are used not only to stay in touch with you but your address is also used to assign work to you.

    So please make sure these details are correct to make sure you are assigned the right students.

  • ➋ Your Background & Education

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pages.

  • ➌ Working with LaPont

    When are you available for work*       iSelecting more times will find you more work.

    But ticking a time, it is just the starting point, you can be flexible and change the time completely if it suits you. It doesn't have to be the exact time specified.

    (* times are indicative not absolute)

  • Distance you are prepared to travel*       iThe further you are prepared to travel, the more students will be found for you.
    In general students want you to come to them.

    NOTE: Never arrange a public place for study like a coffee shop - this will not be supported by LaPont.

                 (* this is approximate)

  • Rate of Pay      iEnter how much pay you would like to receive per hour. Advice on pay expectations can be found at Australian Vogue Blog.

    You have a chance to change this amount when you bid for work.

  • Enter the rate you would like to be paid per hour.