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LaPont Young Learners Language Program


…with qualified native speaking teachers

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Young Learners Language Program

...with qualified native speaking teachers
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LaPont YLP Language Program 

Learning a second language is an integral part of developing global citizenship in an increasingly globalised world. Our Young Learners Language Program is designed to equip high school students with a deeper intercultural understanding and communicative abilities.

High School Students from Year 9 to Year 12 can now choose to study with LaPont from a range of Languages: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian; which count to gain credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and International Baccalaureate (IB), if they have chosen a second language as one of their subjects.

Small Interactive classes are conducted daily from 4:15 pm at our new Brisbane CBD campus, by qualified native speaking teachers who have extensive experience with Language Exam Preparation for students in their senior phase of studies.

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Central Brisbane Location:   116 Adelaide Street, (next to Kings George station) and 5 minutes walk from Central train station.

The Campus offers modern facilities and a safe and supportive learning environment. Young learners will  receive a security access card prior to the commencement of the course; so parents can be assured that their teens are in good hands for the entire duration of their Class.

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On-going daily afternoon small classes or private tuition – Places are extremely limited.

2023 LaPont YLP Classes are available daily – register your interest.


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French Syllabus


  • Ma vie — My world
  • L’exploration du monde — Exploring the world
  • Notre société — Our society
  • Mon avenir — My future

Japanese Syllabus


  • 私のくらし   —  My world
  • 私達のまわり — Exploring our world
  • 私達の社会  —  Our society
  • 私の将来  —  My future

Spanish Syllabus


  • Mi mundo —  My world
  • La exploración de nuestro mundo —  Exploring the world
  • Nuestra sociedad —  Our society
  • Mi futuro  —  My future

German Syllabus


  • Meine Welt— My world
  • Unsere Welt erkunden— Exploring our world
  • Unsere Gesellschaft — Our society
  • Meine Zukunft— My future

Italian Syllabus


  • La Mia vita — My world
  • Esplorando il mondo — Exploring our world
  • La nostra società — Our society
  • Il mio futuro— My future


The LaPont YLP Language Program is tailored for students who are currently studying a second language.

Our Interactive Language Program aims to encourage students to progress towards fluency in an immersive environment; it is primarily intended for students in their senior phase of learning who intend to gain credits towards:

    • Certificate of Education (QCE), or
    • International Baccalaureate program (IB).

The IB Diploma Program requires students to take a second language as one of their six subject groups.

Achievement Standard and Learning Outcomes:

The LaPont HSL Curriculum is mapped in line with the AC and CCAFL achievements standards. We offer exam preparation tuition to help High School students boost their exam results.

The lessons include tips on how to study effectively as well as specific exam preparation techniques; which will give a student between 4 and 8 credits towards their Queensland Certificate of Education. The LaPont YLP includes contemporary practices to complement the Australian Schools collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages (CCAFL)


Curriculum Strands:

Communicating: The ability to communicate effectively in another language while exchanging cultural references. Second language learning helps students to understand another culture and develop their communication skills. 

Language Specific Syllabus: Each language syllabus is developed by LaPont Language Teachers, in line with LaPont HSP Curriculum  following internationally recognised foreign Language Proficiency guidelines such as: ACTFL and CEFR

General Topics Guidelines:  My World – Exploring the world – Our Society – My future 

Students also learn to understand the nuances of their chosen language.


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My world:

    • Family/carers and friends
    • Lifestyle and leisure
    • Education


Exploring the world:

    • Travel
    • Technology and media
    • The contribution of culture to the world


Our society:

    • Roles and relationships
    • Socialising and connecting with my peers
    • Groups in society


My Future:

    • Finishing secondary school, plans and reflections
    • Responsibilities and moving on



General Capabilities: The general capabilities described below are an integral dimension of Language learning included in the LaPont HSL Curriculum:

  1. Literacy and Numeracy
  2. Information and Communication Technology
  3. Critical & creative thinking
  4. Ethical Behaviour
  5. Personal and social competence
  6. intercultural understanding.


    • Students Learn to communicate in the language needed for real-life situations
    • Focus on thematic units and authentic resources
    • Understand the assessment criteria
    • Develop cultural understanding
    • Uses contemporary teaching practices in a relaxed learning environment
    • Ensure that each student is supported by providing after-school hour tuition
    • Provide a comprehensive learning program in line with national curriculums.

Recognition of Learning and Pathways:

LaPont High-School Language Tuition Program is designed to meet the Learning outcomes and assessment level of the following frameworks for quality purposes:

    • AC – Australian Curriculum
    • Naplan – National Assessment Program
    • QCAA – Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority


Benefits of Learning a Second Language:

There have been many studies conducted over the years describing the advantages that Young Learners gain by learning a second language:

    • Helps to broaden a different view of the world by discovering different cultures.
    • Literacy development in English; learning another language enhances their English literacy skills.
    • Students generally achieve higher scores on standardised exams in math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.
    • Develop their analytical and problem-solving skills as well as self-confidence and tolerance levels.
    • Improve their general memory skills.
    • Enhance their future career opportunities and the ability to work or study abroad.


Assessment and entry requirements:

LaPont will assess students in accordance with internationally recognised Language proficiency tests

    • Subject Test in Languages (SAT)
    • STAMP- Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency – multi-languages

LaPont not only assesses the level of proficiency in the target language, but also considers the student’s learning style and background.

Students will be invited to attend a complimentary one-on-one initial in-person or online consultation with one of our language expert to assess their level of proficiency: reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, before the commencement of the program.


Session Times:

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Course Fees:

Small group Class (semi‑private) 10 Sessions  $325 (complimentary individual assessment session Included) 
Sibling Discount: Siblings or study buddy $285 pp. 
Duration:  1.5 hour per week sessions – Theory & Practise  $21.00 per hour. 
Class structure: Semi-Private Small groups (6) students for individual attention – Immersive learning environment
Private tutoring: 

 – one on one online or in-person with a qualified Language teacher –   request a quote.

    • The Curriculum can be adjusted for a specific exam preparation.

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Course Fees:

Small group Class (semi‑private): 
10 Sessions $325          $21.00 (per hour)
(complimentary individual assessment included)
1.5 hour per week sessions: Combined Theory & Practise 
Sibling Discount: 
Siblings or Study peers  $285 pp.
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Class structure: 
Semi-Private Small groups for individual attention. Places are extremely limited

Private tutoring: – one on one online or in-person with a qualified language teacher – request a quote. 

    • The Curriculum can be adjusted for a specific exam preparation.


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Interested in the LaPont YLP Language Program ?

Your College may already have an arrangement with LaPont, where you can find out more, or simply complete the form to register your interest. One of our Language expert will contact you to organise a consultation to discuss your Child’s individual requirements.


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