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Welcome to LaPont Language Centre

one of Australia’s leading Language Course provider

LaPont is an open international and friendly Language Centre; Australian owned with its head office in Brisbane CBD. Students, corporate executives, business consultants, government officials, and private individuals from around the globe gather at our Language classes with a common goal of enhancing their language skills.

LaPont Language Centre is managed by a team of dynamic professional linguists, who offer a high standard of language tuition, based on its dedication to quality and excellence in the delivery of Communicative Language teaching method.

At Lapont, we recognize the immediate need to address the demand for International language learning.

We strive to continually expand our offerings so our students can meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse world. We practice a flexible approach to teaching foreign languages, we are sensitive to your needs.

We understand the importance of learning a second language and encourage diversity in our students. Our mission is to ensure that our students learn in an immersive and convivial environment.

Our delightful team of passionate native speaking teachers, ensure that the students feel at home with the Lapont Language programs.

We are motivated to drive our Language School forward by hosting our own French Immersion Program in France, which has gained an international reputation with students from all over the world and raving rewiews in the UK and the USA. 


Message from founder Catherine Alapont:

Born in the French culture and background, I had the opportunity to travel extensively with my family and was very fortunate to be exposed to many cultures and languages at an early age.

A multilingual & Linguistic Graduate in my own right, I have found that the ability to communicate easily in many languages has opened doors for me around the world. These skills and experience gave me the credentials to work with the Diplomatic Corp and the EU Delegation, advising government representatives and diplomats on protocol and foreign language communication.

Since 1995, I have been developing foreign language programs internationally as well as conducting Language and cross-cultural training workshops in Italy, France, Spain & USA and recently in Japan. I have coordinated UN and EU Programs and received several accolades for many projects including my contribution to a Diplomatic EU Language and Cultural European Program in New York City.

Creating LaPont Language Centre has been a very exciting project for our passionate team…

We look forward to your attendance at LaPont Language Centre







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