Booking Terms and conditions



BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS : These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern your relationship with LaPont Language Centre (“LaPont”) and form a binding contractual agreement between you and LaPont. For this reason, these Terms are important and you should ensure that you read and understand them before proceeding to make a booking. These Terms are published on LaPont’s website. You accept the Terms by instructing LaPont to proceed with your booking (whether orally or in writing) or by making part or full payment of the total cost of the tour.

MODIFICATION OF THESE BOOKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS : LaPont reserves the right to modify any of these Terms at any time without prior notice. The Terms which apply are those which are published on LaPont’s website at the time you make a booking or the time you use any Travel Credit for a new booking.

PRICING POLICY : All prices quoted are subject to currency fluctuations. Accordingly, LaPont reserves the right to alter the price until paid in full. Once the full price is paid LaPont shall not charge you any extra or give you a refund for reasons of currency fluctuations.

INSURANCE : It is your responsibility to have adequate travel insurance which must cover for accidents, injury, illness, death, medical expenses, travel delays, emergency evacuation and repatriation. You must provide evidence of your insurance cover when requested by LaPont.

PAYMENT TERMS : A non-refundable deposit of $850 will secure your booking. You are required to pay 50% of the total price within 30 days of being advised that your booking is confirmed. You are required to pay the balance of the total price at least 90 days before the departure date (or by prior arrangement). Failure to abide by the Payment Terms allows LaPont to cancel your booking or charge a penalty at its absolute discretion.

TRAVEL CREDITS : All bookings made on your behalf are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by LaPont’s service providers.  If, for example, a service provider’s terms and conditions contain a “no refund policy”, LaPont will only be able to provide you with the remedy provided by service providers (if any), which may include a Travel Credit. If LaPont is unable to claim a refund from its service providers then you may be offered a Travel Credit towards a future booking. If you accept a Travel Credit from the Service provider(s) you may not claim a refund.

Travel Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Subject to availability from service provider(s) you may request a change of date,  however additional fees might apply at the discretion of the service provider(s). In the event that you cancel a new booking that you made with your future travel credit: cancellations fees will be applicable to your new booking; at the discretion of the service provider.

If you have accepted a Travel Credit  you release LaPont for any claims in relation to your travel booking. 

LaPont service provider(s) reserve the right to refuse, cancel, reject or suspend your Travel Credit if it believes that you have initiated a claim, or a chargeback with your bank or credit card despite accepting a Travel Credit.

CANCELLATION POLICY : You may cancel a booking in writing by email. The email address is: admin@lapont.com 

There is a lot of coordination required in arranging Immersion Tours. You may cancel your booking but you may have to pay cancellation fees. The Initial deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation notified more that 180 days prior to commencement of tour incurs a penalty of 50% of the total price of the tour and forfeiture of the initial deposit.

Cancellations notified between 180 and 90 days prior to commencement of tour incurs a penalty of 75% of the total price of the tour and forfeiture of the initial deposit.

Cancellation notified less than 90 days prior to commencement of tour incurs a penalty of 100% of the total price of the tour and forfeiture of the initial deposit.

LaPont reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a tour at its discretion. If LaPont cancel a tour, you will receive a full refund. If a tour is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of LaPont, e.g. due to a Force Majeure event, then you may not receive a refund.

EXCLUSIONS AND INDEMNITY : Occasionally circumstances beyond the reasonable control of LaPont and service providers will force changes, amendments or modifications to the itinerary and its inclusions. You may not make a claim for expenses or compensation for such changes, amendments or modifications.

FORCE MAJEURE : LaPont is not liable for any cancellations or changes affecting a tour due to Force Majeure events which include acts of God, accident, riots, war, terrorism, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, natural catastrophes, governmental acts, prohibitions, changes in laws and national strikes.

LaPont and service providers are not responsible for any injury, damage, or loss in respect of any person or property for any reason, whatsoever. Service Provider means and includes any carrier, tour operator, tour escort and providers of any service in respect of a tour.

You indemnify LaPont against any claim made against it which arise as a result of your actions. LaPont and service providers are not responsible or liable for your breach of any law or regulation.

LaPont acts as an intermediary to facilitate a comprehensive language program combined with educational tours; 

Airfares, travel insurance, meals and other travel arrangements not included in the itinerary are the responsibility of the participant.

ELIGIBILITY : Immersion Tours participants have to be a minimum of 21 years of age on the commencement day of the tour. Younger participants must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. LaPont has unfettered rights to exclude a participant or decline a booking request or eject a participant from a tour if it considers that a participant is disruptive or affects the enjoyment of other participants.

HEALTH: You must ensure that you are aware of any Covid19 health requirements and recommended precautions relevant to your travel booking and ensure that you carry all necessary vaccination documentation. 

Illicit drug use and alcohol abuse is not permitted. LaPont reserves the right to eject a participant if it considers, at its sole discretion, that a participant has breached acceptable codes of conduct. In the unlikely event of a complaint, the participant shall make a LaPont representative, teacher or host aware of such problems immediately.