Acknowledgment: LaPont Language Centre Terms & Conditions

By accessing, browsing and using this website, you agree to our terms, conditions and disclaimers as amended from time to time (“Terms & Conditions”) and acknowledge that you have read and agree with our Terms and Conditions.

By enrolling in a course via this website and/or by completing the enrolment process to become a student of LaPont Language Centre you expressly agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. By making a payment or part-payment of a course or starting a course at LaPont

  1. Fees

Fees must be paid once your place is confirmed and prior to the commencement of the course.

Friend’s, family and return student’s discounts are applicable. (please check with head office).

Students must enrol for an entire course.

pro-rata fee rates might be available for higher level courses (5 weeks minimum) or by mutual agreement. You might also be available to join our 5, 6 or 8 weeks courses as published from time to time on our website.

  1. Payment and Fees

Credit Card or EFT to Lapont Language Centre. Prior to the start of the course.

  1. Attendance

Regular attendance is essential. Missed classes are not refundable.

  1. Refund and Cancellation Policy

Courses run subject to sufficient enrolments (average of 6 students) per class; while we make every effort to provide courses, we reserve the right to re-organise a class, cancel or postpone a course, if necessary.

Should LaPont cancel a course; students will be fully refunded or given several options.

LaPont reserves the right to replace a teacher in short notice during or before the start of a course, for one class or for the rest of the course. Refunds or credits are not applicable for the change of teacher, given that LaPont will always ensure that all teachers are competent to deliver its courses.

Fees or courses are not transferable. If you have been granted a course credit due to exceptional circunstances, you cannot request a refund.

No refund will be given should a student fail to attend a class Before or AFTER The commencement of the course. This policy applies to Classes and Private tuition.

Private lessons ONLY can be paused * (up to 4 Weeks).

LaPont cannot accept responsibility for changes of any circumstances, which prevent attendance before or after the commencement of a course

Once a course is planned, funds & resources are committed to ensure that it runs, your place in a class can only be guaranteed once payment is made.

A request for withdrawal must be received in writing. Transfer to another class is possible, subject to availability.

Group class fees cannot be transferred towards Private Tuition fees or vice-versa.

Our Course Fee does not include Text Books. Text books are an optional expense. Complimentary resources are sent electronically. 
Books might be available at the 1st class or at the reception, if required. Alternatively students can purchase their own books.

Personal Information & Indemnity.

1. Data security: Your personal information is confidential.

2. Indemnity: Neither LaPont Language Centre and its staff nor its contractors, will be held responsible for any loss, damage, illness or injury to people or property which may occur while students are studying at the classrooms, or during any activity or excursion organized by LaPont.

3. Release of Photography: Photos or images of students participating in LaPont school activities, taken by LaPont staff, remain the property of LaPont and can be used for promotional materials. If you do not wish to be photographed or videotaped please inform us in writing by email: info@lapont.com


It is our aim to provide quality Language Courses based on our international expertise and methodology.

In order to ensure the best quality in teaching, we reserve the right to redirect a student to another class if the student’s level does not match the rest of the class.

Equally, we reserve the right to terminate the attendance of a student at any of our classes or cease our language Services (including private Tuition, if we feel that the student is causing any disruption to the class or show disrespect towards other students, teachers or management.

Our team is committed to advocate safety precautions in accordance with Qld Health Regulations Guidelines.