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Learn Spanish easily; at Lapont Spanish is taught by native speaking teachers using our own immersive and communicative method. Our main focus is to encourage students to make progress on the spoken language needed in everyday situations, right from the start.

Our popular Spanish Courses include essential language tools to improve pronunciation, expressions, key phrases and extensive vocabulary, to help students build sentences with confidence.

Spanish often called Castilian (‘castellano’ in Spanish) is an Ibero-Romance language that has more native speakers than any other language except for Mandarin. It is the second most widely studied language in Europe and the United States.



We offer an extensive range of Spanish courses for everyone across all our locations, you can start your Spanish Lessons anytime of the year and absolute beginners are welcome!

Completing our Spanish level 1-2 is a good start for Spanish Learners who wish to travel, live or work in a Spanish speaking country, or simply learn to speak Spanish for enjoyment. Taking your Language study to the next levels is highly recommended if you are keen to progress to fluency.

Our friendly language educators are experts in bringing language and culture to life during the Spanish Lessons. They travel regularly to Spain or South America and are always delighted to share their expertise on the best places to visit, cultural references, local cuisine and way of life.

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General Spanish Course          Special $318  (10 Week)     

Learn with friends special: $280 pp colleagues, couples, families…  save while learning this beautiful language.

We offer flexibility for busy people, If you miss your regular lesson, you can attend another class (same level) at any of our locations.

You can join more than one class per week at no extra cost (same language & level) * Subject to availability

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