Small Groups or one-on-one Private Tutoring

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Small Groups or one-on-one Private Tutoring


…with qualified native speaking teachers

Private Language Tutors

French-Spanish-Italian-Mandarin-Korean-Brazilian-Japanese…and 4 more languages

Private language tuition for individuals, couples, High School and Uni students Customised corporate language and cross-cultural training for government departments, companies and small special interest groups.


Private Tuition anytime… anywhere…

We can  arrange affordable one-on-one private tuition at our Campus, work-place or Online for remote learning.

Our registered qualified native speaking teachers hold Blue-Cards and are very reliable.

Contact our office today to obtain a quote for your small group or individual tuition. We will design a program to suit your individual requirements.


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Missed classes are credited. Classes can be suspended or postponed, private tuition offers total flexibility for busy people.